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Leading Brands Enters Into Exclusive License Agreement To Distribute Go-Go Sexy Energy Drinks

VANCOUVER, B.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 19, 2000--Leading Brands, Inc. (Nasdaq:LBIX), Canada's largest independent, fully integrated food and beverage brand management company, today announced that it has entered into an exclusive license agreement with Energy Brands, Inc. granting the royalty-free right to use the "Go-Go" trademark in connection with the sale, distribution and marketing of Go-Go(TM) Sexy Energy drink.

Energy Brands' Go-Go(TM) is the market leader in establishing the herbal energy drink category in the US. Go-Go(TM) is a refreshingly light, low calorie, lightly carbonated energy drink. It provides a noticeable feeling of increased energy and alertness through a secret formula that combines a synergistic combination of herbs, including Siberian ginseng, damiana, yerba mate, muira puma, astragalus, gingko biloba and guarana. Go-Go(TM) Sexy Energy has a delicious passionfruit flavour.

Go-Go(TM) Sexy Energy is targeted at the techno-generation, 15-25 year old market who are on the go. It comes in trim, 8.4 ounce cans featuring a provocative "Japanimated" girl. (Image available upon request.)

The licensing agreement gives Leading Brands the first right of refusal to manufacture and package any current or future Go-Go(TM) products in Canada.

J. Darius Bikoff, President of New York City based Energy Brands, observed that "The Go-Go(TM) Sexy Energy drink is expected to appeal to a wide audience, ranging from students who need to stay awake and office workers looking for a coffee substitute, to anyone wanting to add a kick to their sex life! We believe that the marketing support provided by our Go-Go girls for product sampling and our interactive web-site greatly enhances product exposure."

In announcing the contract, Ralph McRae, Leading Brands' Chief Executive Officer, stated, "We're excited to offer such a terrific product line of New Age beverages. In Europe, energy drinks are the latest trend, accounting for 4% of the adult soft drink market with sales of more than $1 Billion. We expect Go-Go(TM) sales to significantly contribute to our revenues and bottom line." About Leading Brands, Inc.:

About Leading Brands, Inc.:

Headquartered in Richmond, B.C., Canada, Leading Brands, Inc. is the largest independent food and beverage integrated brand management company in Canada. The Company's unique Integrated Distribution System (IDS) offers turnkey, one-stop shopping to food and beverage brand owners. Its, Inc. subsidiary is building a consumer home replenishment system for the Internet economy.

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