The Company packages juices, alternative beverages, snack foods and confectionery products.

Hot fill glass, PET plastic and HDPE plastic jugger, hot fill 48 oz. steel cans, nitro hot fill aluminum cans and carbonated cold fill aluminum cans.

Current business includes: proprietary brands such as Cool Canadian Premium Spring Water, Country Harvest Natural Juices and Cocktails, Johnny's Roadside Lemonade and Iced Teas and Caesar's Bloody Caesar Tomato Clam Juice.

Co-pack beverage for several brand name juices and cocktails and alternative beverages - private label juices, cocktails, snacks and confectionery items for most grocery chains across Western Canada.

Our Food Division manufactures snack food items such as cheese puffs and tortilla chips. Our manufacturing facility is located in Edmonton, Alberta. With an annual capacity of approximately 6 million pounds of corn products, we are a large supplier of private label snack food products in Canada. Currently private label customers include Co-op, Smart Choice, Safeway, Western Family, Value Price, Glencourt, Albertson's and Nalley's.

Cookies- All wire cuts and sandwich cremes in cello trays and various sizes, chocolate coated items, animal cookies, graham wafers, fig bars, ice wafers.

Snack Items- Tortilla
chips, cheese puffs, popcorn, caramel corn, candy, marshmallows.

Crackers- Salted and unsalted, 450g or 900g, snack crackers-stack pack or dump pack.

Bakery- Little Debbie Snack Cakes, Siljans Crispy Cups.

Breakfast Products- Leclerc Cereals, muffin bars, granola bars.

Pasta- Unique shapes, flavors and varieties.

Fruit Leathers- Individual snacks and multi packs.
Two plants in Richmond BC and Edmonton AB, devoted to packaging beverages plus a third plant in Edmonton that manufactures corn based snack food items such as cheese puffs and tortilla chips.

Dave Read, Vice President, Distribution: 780-456-8668 ext. 228
Tim Dagg, Vice President, Sales Western Canada: 780-456-8668 ext. 238

Sinan ALZubaidi, General Manager Plant Operations:
780-435-2746 ext. 225
Ross Wells, Business Development: 604-214-9722 ext. 224

Full R&D facilities for flavour/package development.

Beverage development includes tomato based products, cranberry, orange, apple and all other fruit juice based products, iced teas, lemonades, alternative beverages, spring waters, fruit juice/milk combination based beverages, functional or nutritionally enhanced beverages.

Snack food development includes products such as cheese puffs and tortilla.

The Company developed and launched the Integrated Distribution System (IDS) in Spring of 1998. The IDS platform gives the Company a unique advantage in the marketplace, in it's ability to deliver the most cost effective and efficient means for premium brand owners to get their product from packaging through to the retail shelf. The IDS program provides a one-stop shopping opportunity to independent brand owners throughout Canada, the United States and international brand owners looking to break into the Canadian market.

Advanced logistics and supply chain management services by eliminating third party warehouse and distribution charges in all possible areas. Result is that costs are taken out of the system, add efficiency to the process and provide the most effective overall product management for our brands and the retailer.

Five strategic geographic locations of warehouse and distribution facilities, and arrangements with sub-distributors to cover almost 2,000,000 square miles, a population base of over 30,000,000 people.

Over 150,000 square feet of warehouse/distribution space.

Facilities have, in development, HACCP and ISO9000 systems.

Plants have achieved a AAA Rating from the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) which is the highest rating awarded.
"....some of the best water you can find anywhere..."
"...one of a kind oasis..."
Quote from BCTV story on our Mt. Woodside Natural Spring,
September 13, 1999

The Company's water division consists of a natural spring water site at Mount Woodside, Agassiz, British Columbia, about 50 miles east of Vancouver. Spring water is sold from this site to various customers including Cott Beverages for packaging private label bottles.
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