August 15, 2000 - Leading Brands, Inc appoints new chief financial officer.

July 11 , 2000
- Leading Brands, Inc announces record first quarter results 141% sales increase and $0.09Cdn ($0.06US) per share profit.

May 24, 2000
- Leading Brands, Inc. subsidiary,, Inc. , appoints Gerry Kenyon to head Retail Operations.

March 16 , 2000 - retains Tompkins Associates Inc. to complete design of Proprietary Warehousing and Delivery System and appoints Dr. James A. Tompkins to Board of Inc.

January 26, 2000
- Leading Brands, Inc. announces record Third Quarter Revenues; Increase of 27% - see below Consolidated Statement Of Income (Loss)

January 18, 2000 - Leading Brands, Inc. announces resolution of outstanding tax claims

December 16, 1999 -
Leading Brands, Inc. to receive $3,000,000Cdn from Cott Corporation in Settlement of Earnout.

December 15, 1999 - Leading Brands, Inc. announces joint venture with Sentai Software Consulting Corp. to design Business to Consumer and Business to Business E-Commerce Website and Integrated High Technology Fulfillment System for, Inc.

December 13, 1999
- Leading Brands, Inc. acquires Quick, Inc. and announces Internet-based Local Home Delivery and Business to Business Strategy.

November 10, 1999 - Leading Brands, Inc. announces record Second Quarter Revenues.

October 19, 1999 - Brio Industries Inc. is pleased to announce that effective Monday, October 25, 1999, the Company will change its name to "Leading Brands, Inc.".

Press Releases

Third Quarter Ending December 4, 1999
Consolidated Statement Of Income (Loss) Third Quarter (PDF Format)

Second Quarter Ending September 11, 1999

Leading Brands, Inc., Canada's largest fully integrated brand management company, is pleased to announce that its sales for its second quarter ended September 11, 1999 reached $14,837,000Cdn (versus $13,359,000Cdn in the same quarter last year). These results were attained despite the coldest and wettest summer in recorded history in the Company's major sales territory and a lengthy labour dispute at one of the Company's largest customers that materially slowed production at the Company's Vancouver plant.

First Quarter Ending May 22, 1999

with the first quarter of fiscal 1999, the Company moved from reporting periods consisting of twelve calendar months to thirteen four-week periods. As a consequence, the number of days in the first quarter was reduced by nine. When this is combined with the focus of the Company's Vancouver plant on commissioning of Gatorade and Ocean Spray products, sales for the period are reported lower than the same period last year ($9,137,650 Cdn versus $11,310,981 Cdn). Again, due to the commissioning process undertaken in the Vancouver plant, the net loss for the period increased from $588,600 Cdn (or $0.09 Cdn per share) to $937,332Cdn (or $0.13 Cdn per share). This was exacerbated by the wettest and dullest Spring in the recorded history of Western Canada and a prolonged labor disruption that interrupted business at one of our major customers.

Year End, ending February 28, 1999

Brio announced reported revenues of $40,232,000 Cdn* during the 1998 fiscal year ended February 28,1999 (compared to revenues of $35,667,000 during fiscal 1997), an increase of more than 20%, year over year. The Company reported a net loss after all extraordinary items of $1,787,000Cdn (or $0.26Cdn per share) versus a net loss of $7,223,000Cdn (or $1.12Cdn per share) for fiscal 1997. The loss for the year was contributed to primarily by the shut down of its largest plant in Vancouver for most of the Winter and Spring for installation of the new packaging line, a much wetter than average Fall and Winter season, and the transition of its product lineup. The results exclude any accrual for the Company's earnout from Cott Corporation, which was not paid. The Company disputes Cott's earnout calculation of that earnout amount and is pursuing its recovery.

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