We employ extensive marketing strategies to promote quick consumer acceptance of our brands and to build strong, long-term sales growth.

We employ dedicated promotions teams, own a fleet of unique sampling vehicles, produce point of sale and promotional materials and, working with some of the most creative minds in the industry, design mass media marketing campaigns.

It is no longer sufficient to list a product with a retailer and support it with price incentives. To build brands, we must aggressively take our products directly to the consumer and build an awareness and positive image around them. We do that as well as anyone.


Our extensive packaging resources allow us to produce almost every type of beverage product imaginable. As a result, we can change packaging formats to meet consumer preferences and manage run sizes to control inventories.

With almost 20,000,000 cases of overall annual capacity in two strategically located plants, we are also a valuable source to third parties looking to bottle their products. We are proud of our relationships with The Quaker Oats Company, Ocean Spray and Coca-Cola. In addition, we bottle private label juices for most of the retail chains in Canada.

In an ever-changing retail environment we must constantly be on the watch for changes in consumer tastes and look to capitalize on new trends. We were the first to successfully introduce nutraceutically-enhanced beverages into Canada and the first to employ new small bottle hot-fill PET technology.

By combining the resources of our in-house Research and Development Department with some of the world’s best packaging and flavour design companies, we are able to turn a concept into finished product in under six weeks.

Most of our competitors require three times that long. We are also able to quickly adapt foreign products to comply with unique Canadian labeling and content requirements. This gives us a distinct advantage in bringing the successes of other countries to Canada.

The key to building any brand is gaining distribution to a wide variety of retailers. With more than 20,000 retail customers for our products across Canada, Leading Brands has developed a distribution system that is without compare.

By employing a variety of different distribution avenues and techniques, we can obtain access to every type and level of retail outlet. Our proprietary Integrated Distribution System (IDS) is supported by more than 100 sales and key account representitives in every major market accross the Country.

The key to profitably serving customers over territory covering more than 2,000,000 square miles is controlling transportation and warehousing costs. By managing a combination of our own fleets and facilities in conjunction with those of third party suppliers, we are able to optimize our service while minimizing our expenses.

This year our purchasing and traffic departments will coordinate the movement of more than 20,000 trucks around North America. Our warehousing staff will handle and monitor the movement of more than 15,000,000 cases of finished goods.


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