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Licensed Brands

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Licensed Brands

We have the privilege to represent a full range of leading beverage brands. These include BooKoo® Energy Drinks, Icelandic Glacial® Water, Fiji Natural Artesian Water®, and Stewart’s® Fountain Classics. We either license or represent these fine brands under multi-year agreements that provide us with varying levels of responsibility as their beverage bottler, distributor in Canada, and marketing force.

BooKoo® Energy
BooKoo® means BIG! – the first to market in a 24oz (710mL) can. Big Energy and Great Taste, BooKoo Energy drinks provide extreme power for extreme people. With a top 10 ranking for 2006 in the Energy Drink category, BooKoo is a real winner!
Stewart's® Fountain Classics
Stewart's® Fountain Classics are premium beverages that come in a variety of flavors. Old-fashioned flavors, premium packaging, and awesome taste make Stewart's Fountain Classics top-notch beverages.
  Icelandic Glacial® Water
Icelandic Glacial® water is bottled at source – the legendary Ölfus Spring – a naturally replenished source, formed over 4500 years ago. Fed from high in the mountains by a gradual filter of rainfall, ice
and snow melt, Icelandic Glacial is a natural spring water of exceptional purity.
Fiji Natural Artesian Water®
Bottled at the source in the Fiji Islands, this natural artesian water is known for its signature soft, smooth taste and well-balanced mineral content including a high level of silica, a youth preserving antioxidant.