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Our Brand Portfolio

Our Brand Portfolio
Die Hard™
Infinite Health™ Water
Stoked™ Energy
Caesar's Caesar Cocktail®
Licensed Brands

Leading Brands has developed an enviable portfolio of proprietary brands. Our beverage brands include TrueBlue®, Infinite Health® Water, Stoked™ Energy Drink, Die Hard™ Sports Energy Drink, and Caesar’s Caesar Cocktail®.

With each brand, we strive to provide the highest possible quality and the lowest possible price to the consumer while maintaining a reasonable margin expectation. For each product we have developed the brand concept, formulations, designed the packaging and labels, the marketing and promotional plans and developed the distribution and listing programs across North America.

For more information about each of our brands, browse the list below:

North America's only national blueberry brand
50% less calories than TrueBlue
Infinite Health® Water
Enhanced with vitamins, calcium, and soy extracts

Stoked™ Energy Drink
Heroic Energy
Epic Taste

Caesar's Cocktail®
Tomato Clam Cocktail
  Die Hard™
Sports Energy Drink