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Brand Profile: LiteBlue™

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50% less calories than TrueBlue
Now you can enjoy the same great taste of TrueBlue® Blueberry Cocktail with 50% less sugar and calories!

Sweetened with a combination of cane sugar and Splenda® brand sweetener, LiteBlue™ is the perfect choice for calorie and sugar reduced diets.  Unlike other reduced calorie juices, LiteBlue™ is true to the flavour profile of TrueBlue® with a fresh, natural taste.  Extensive research and taste testing showed that consumers overwhelmingly love the taste of TrueBlue® - LiteBlue™ captures that taste in this new, lighter formulation.

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Information Sheet
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Information Sheet
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Each 500 mL glass of LiteBlue™ has as much juice as a full serving of fresh blueberries. According to Canada’s Food Guide, one serving of fresh blueberries = 1/2 cup. LiteBlue™ is available in two great flavours: traditional Blueberry and new Blueberry Raspberry.  LiteBlue™ and is all natural, without artificial flavours or colours and does not contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, Glucose or Fructose.

Available in 1.89 L (64oz) bottles. LiteBlue™ will be available shortly in leading Canadian grocery stores, with a US launch to follow shortly.